My first Blogpost in

My name is Ramaprasanna and I work with Microsoft as a Developer Evangelist. I use to write at . That was more an official blog. Connecting with people via Blog is pretty interesting. I create some unique content around technology and sharing it just on stage or in a meeting with a limited set of folks wasn’t always fun enough. Hence I created this blogspace in WordPress to share my work and ideas to a broad set of folks.

I want to blog about everything that’s interesting, unique and worth sharing. This blog will be more focussed on technology and fun.

Keep in touch !! and don’t forget to leave your comments. I would love to hear from you.

Stay tuned for some exciting updates on Windows 8, HTML5, IE9, JS, Kinect, Robotics and much more. !! 

  1. Sumit Sarabhai said:

    Welcome, looking forward for your blogs

  2. shashi said:

    I’ve been following your every status in facebook ever since I’ve seen your presentation in Tata Auditorium… You are really a great example for young enthusiastic programmer… M also trying to learn wordpresss which I installed in my system yesterday itself. I need your small help… M sure i’ll get a genuine suggestions from you. M confused at the moment whether I should continue with php( as m little confident and good with php script) or should I switch over to .net. M still in 5th semester MCA and finding php easy to work on…waiting for your reply… I hope you will not disappoint your fan… Thanks in advance…

  3. Lohith said:

    Hey Ram,

    Welcome to the blogospehre …. will be exciting to read your findibgs … looking forward to that 🙂

  4. Shanmugha T S said:


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